“As I walk through the shopping centres and places of public interest, I am stunned by the variety of human personality. All the Saturday morning shoppers constructed of molecules genetically encoded produce more genetic, social and visual possibilities than the ultimate prime number but the shopper’s activities remain trivial.”


Mat Cahill’s practise is a celebration and documentation of current British society in which he positions himself in the role of visual journalist; narrator or creative facilitator depending on his desired outcome.


His work concentrates on the relationship the individual has with today’s society. Throughout his career he has continually explored this through a range of visual and interactive methods. Cahill has a passion to use the Arts as a tool to create both social and creative awareness for all. 


He takes his inspiration from many people but no more so than Nicolas Bourriaud, Steven Willats, Jeremy Deller, Saul Williams, Jean Michel Basquait, Slick Rick, Hieronymus Bosch, David Hockney, John Cooper-Clarke and Bob and Roberta Smith.


At the heart of Mat Cahill’s work is his ability to capture everyday moments and visualize them for others to create their own narrative. This interest in storytelling comes from his passion for pop music, folk culture and drawing.


We hope that you enjoy the work of Mat Cahill and that you'll take the opportunity to visit his studio in London. Simply give us a call and make an appointment.